1. An inaccessible garden

Our retailer was worried about delivering the material in an inter-restricted garden where it could only be accessed pedestrianly, through doors and stairways. With our packaging, the solution was to rent a crane and move the material from the top without limits of size and without risk. In just over an hour the handling had been completed and the installation could be started.

2. A warehouse that has become unmanageable

Our retailer was organized with a shelf storage, but in a short time he realized not only that the movement had become risky, but also that the space was no longer sufficient. With our packaging not only has gained 30% more space but has made handling quick, safe and practical

3. Artifacts too heavy

Dealer often had to deliver statues or other articles of considerable weight. The problem was that these products were packed in particularly strong boxes and at the time of delivery the only operation to open the box needed equipment and long times. Not only that, but the operation of opening the crate risked compromising the integrity of the artefact. With the "easy open crate" packaging of NNG every problem has been solved: 30 seconds to open the box and have the product free to be handled!

4. Paving the streets in a historic center

The client was looking for a material that was closest to the historical reality of the village centre. But unlike the past, heavy loads and heavy traffic pass through the roads today. A material with high strength and low wear characteristics was needed. but not only had it to appear ancient. The difficulties were different, from the realization of special plates for the paths of the blind to the water drainage systems, from the extreme dimensional accuracy of the pieces to the natural variation of the colours. Our solution has fully satisfied the community.

5. Replacement of concrete grids

The designer and his client were very sensitive to aspects of respect for the environment and to an inclusive aesthetic. The difficulty was represented by the drain grids of the water that were available only in cement or in resin or in iron. Our development department has built gratings capable of supporting medium-heavy loads with the same stone covering the access lane to the garages.

6. Wall cladding with natural stone on insulated surfaces

Our Hungarian Master dealer was looking for a façade cladding that could also be installed on facades with insulation. The covering plates could not exceed 35 Kg per square meter including the fixing glue. At the same time the material has to withstand temperatures often lower than - 10 degrees Celsius, standardized size, a sufficient range of colours and a rustic finish, but not only, the price had to remain at a medium level. Our solution remains within the required weight limit, allows you to load a container with about 850 square meters of material reducing transport costs that affect at least 30% of the final value.

7. Flooring protection during installation and completion of building work

The client was concerned about the protection against scratching of polished tiles during installation and until completion of building work. He also wanted to avoid having to perform heavy cleaning works at the end of the works. The solution of our technical office was to apply a self-adhesive sheet on the tiles that can be easily removed at the end of the work. The low cost and the satisfaction of the customer in his requests illustrate another success.

8. Flooring in movie set. (Titanic Studios)

The producer of the film was looking for a stone that was consistent with the times when the scenes of the film take place. In addition to the required colour, the stone also had to be laid temporarily and easily removable and reusable in different scenes.
Our distributor has satisfied Production requirements with our materials.

9. Unusual request

One of our dealers is passionate about engines and sometimes sends us a request to create a model of a car or a truck, but absolutely avoiding the use of CNC machines so that the result underlines the ability of our craftsmen. We and our craftsmen like these challenges
Often, those who work in our sector are so involved that even for a few anniversaries or awards they think to use stone…and we love to please them. For this reason, the department where samples and special pieces are produced is often involved in these projects. For us it is not a business, indeed, but we understand and share their love for the stone by making these special trophies that also become ours!

10. Single piece joint free corner

Sometimes our dealers ask us very special requests. Creating a corner without a joint, either by machine or by hand, is complicated, but a joint one-meter-long, rock face, is not really a simple challenge. Only the intimate knowledge of the properties of the stone and the skill of our craftsmen allowed us to accept this order.

11. Inside water body

The pleasure of a swim in the water is very great, but that of swimming in a water where the stone enriches and emphasizes the nature elements is immense. The colours and the movement given by the stone is inimitable because it is nature itself that gives it to us. We believe this is the reason why more and more architects and people are asking for a stone cladding for their pool or stretch of water

12. Upper-flooring

One of aspects that must be considered in stone its specific weight. In many cases, a load per square meter must not exceeded for reasons of range of floors. For this reasons NNG Developing Centre has promoted a series of LIGTH products Such as? Working on the thickness. These products, which are only 12 mm Thick, can be used both as floors and walls (respecting the good installation techniques of course) Wherever it is necessary to contain the weight or thickness of the covering tiles

13. Hollow massive steps

With the close cooperation of our Canadian dealers NNG has developed an intelligent solution that make the installation of massive steps practical and fast. With this solution the construction of retaining walls is no longer necessary and the final aesthetic effect is certainly greatly advantaged. The stone thus expresses all its power and charm.

14. Customised design projects

Starting from Development Centre up to the last of artisans, NNG puts all its commitment, experience and meticulous attention to detail to achieve the expected results.
NNG receive request for special projects: table tops, basins, border sand specific shaped wall tiles, vases, decorations, benches and many other objects that it is impossible to list

15. Dry cladding

The request to provide the tiles for the coating of a building with the technique of dry laying allow a few years ago to our production to make a big leap in terms of accuracy of the workings. In fact, dry laying does not allow errors of any kind and precision of the work must be absolute. The holes and fixing channels must always have the correct depth and dimension. To guarantee the tightness of the slabs one fixed it is necessary to work closely with the designers in choosing the type of stone which in some way must have special characteristics such as Quartzite Stone

16. Amphitheater

From the time of ancient Greeks, the amphitheatre is a place of meeting, entertainment and discussion. Even today small or large amphitheatres are built for these purposes. Stone is the natural interpreter of these places. NNG realizes elements for amphitheatre of any size, finish, colour or geometric characteristics. Working in the stone in drawing with particular curvature is a specialty of NNG

17. Hot pesticide wood treatment.

Chemicals banded! One aspect that worried us was the ant parasitic treatment of packaging wood. Traditionally in our sector it is carried out with chemical substances that in addition to being dangerous for workers prevent the reuse of wood and classify it as a special dangerous waste. After a researched NNG has identified the best solution in the thermal treatment of wood. Respect for the environment and for those who come into contact with our packaging. We had to change systems and timing of equipment, work tools (wood becomes harder, less workable) Naturally NNG has obtained the certification from the competent authority of the quality of the pesticide process. Today NNG can define himself a Chemicals free company

18. Fire pit and barbeque tops

A point of aggregation of many families is the fire pit and or the barbeque where you spend carefree hours even with friends. The fire after the water is still today a centre of attraction for everyone, young and old. With the collaboration of retailers NNG has created many versions of this element, so as to have a range that satisfies the different lifestyles of the people and that allows to be easily inserted in large or small spaces without forgetting the possibility of containing the cost.