Doctor Q

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Why much less algae formation?

Quartzite have very low porosity and very low water/moisture absorption. For more information see Care & Maintenance in download area.


How can I mount and fix a bench, a fountain or a statue?

For more information's see BR Fixing in download area.


Stones increase the sturdiness of walls?

Stones walling does not increase the sturdiness of walls where it is used.

Is the stone coating a barrier to rain?

Although Quartzite has a very low absorption of water Quartzite does not act as a barrier against rain. Base must be suitably prepared before installation. Prevent water infiltrations between the wall base and the wall covering by using coping, flashing, caps and waterproofing.

What problems can I have by installing a stone cladding?

Natural or inherent problems based on the characteristics of the material, condition of exposure and human induced problems

Although, there is some overlap between these two categories, generally inherent problems occur over considerably long period of time at predictable rates and require appropriate preventive maintenance.

Human induced problems can cause extensive damage, they are difficult to be prevented and require corrective action to mitigate.

Can I install the stone cladding as flooring?

Not this product has only been designed for vertical assembly. Therefore it is not suitable in horizontal installations for flooring.

For more information’s see Cladding Technique 1 & 2 in download area.


Its easy to maintain and clean periodically?

Yes! Certainly. For precise instructions and also how to remove stains download the pdf Care & Maintenance.


Does the stone expand and contract?

Yes, like all materials, even if not with high values. This is the reason why it is recommended to leave a gap between the tiles and use adequate grouting.

For more information’s see Flooring in download area.


Will top surface flake?

Quartzite stones are strongly cohesive due to which it does not flake even in extreme frost conditions.

Marine areas

Can I install the stone cladding in marine areas?

In marine areas where the wind could transport salt deposits onto coverings, although Quartzite does not fear sea salts is suggested waterproof first when dry.

Mirror polish

Can I get mirror polish tiles like marble and granite?

Being Quartzite mirror polish is not possible. Smoother texture is available.


How can I take the measurements? What data is needed?

For full information’s see Shape & Measurement in download area.


Quartzite stones contain phosphorus?

Quartzite does not contain any phosphorus.


Its complicated to decide which thickness to use?

Not at all, refer to NNG table to choose thickness according to your projects needs.


Girls can walk with heels on?

Sufficiently flat, even the other available textures do not compromise smooth walk.

Can I walk barefoot in hot weather?

Being heat absorbent, it is not advisable to walk barefoot in hot weather. However natural stones cool down very fast.